How to write a book review

Writing a book review is a way to tell people about a book you have enjoyed, a way to share your enthusiasm and delight so that others can discover the gem you have just finished reading.

If you can’t think of something positive to say about a book then please choose a different one to write a review about.  That is not to say you can’t make a comment on something that didn’t work for you in a book. It might be that although you enjoyed the story, perhaps one of the characters didn’t seem real enough. You may think the beginning was a bit slow but once you got further into the story you thought it was fantastic and you couldn’t put it down.  This helps other readers and they may or may not agree with your thoughts on a book, but that is fine and also interesting.

Most of all the reason for reviewing any book must be because you are enthusiastic about it in the first place.

Please remember that this blog is going to be read by people of all ages and reviews must be appropriate for younger readers.

Reviews should be short and snappy and should always include information about the book, (either at the beginning or at the end of your review) such as:

  1. The title
  2. The author’s name
  3. The illustrator’s name (if it is a picture book or graphic novel)

You might  like to add a picture of the front cover of the book.

Try to include – if possible

  1. The publisher
  2. The ISBN (you can find this 10 or 13 digit number above the bar code on the back cover )