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As a writer, Inspiration is very important to me. Many writers think inspiration is the most important thing about writing, that without inspiration, writing is nothing. I however, think of inspiration as important but not the most important. It is different for everyone, and nearly everyone has their own way of getting it. Some may find inspiration by hunting for it, others wait for inspiration to come to them. I find it amazing that there are so many ways to find it.

My way of finding inspiration is to look at the world around me, notice the magic and think of a story that could fit into this world. Who would be there? What would they do? I think that this is a wonderful way to find inspiration as it makes me pay attention to where I am and what it could be, rather than just ignore where I am, ignore the possible stories. I love to find out how others find inspiration as it gives you a good insight as to what they’re like and who they are.

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  1. Linda Strachan says:

    Great post, Craig. Inspiration is indeed everywhere, you just need to look around and let your mind wander as you consider the ‘what if’ question.

    a) What if …..when I stepped through my bedroom door it opened into a dark corridor leading to prison cells, or a dragon’s cave, or a mine, or …or ….or.
    b) What if ….. I woke up one morning and discovered I was 99 years old, or I had a completely different family from the one I knew, or I couldn’t understand a word anyone said.
    c) What if …..

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