My First Book by Euan

After school I didn’t have any ideas for this blog so my Mum said “Why don’t you do it on your first book”

My first book was called “Can’t You Sleep Dotty?” by Tim Warnes and my parents started reading it to me when I was 4 months old and kept reading to me every night before bed till I was able to read myself.  Reading to me like this probably inspired my interest in books today.

The book “Can’t You Sleep Dotty?” is about a dog that can’t sleep and all his friends help him get to sleep. 

My mum dug it out of a box in our house and gave it to me to help write this blog and when I read it again all these memories came flooding into my head and I remember how I used to listen to my mum reading it to me and how much I loved it.  It felt weird being able to read it myself really easily because I haven’t seen this book for years until now when my mum took it out of the box and gave it to me.


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2 Responses to My First Book by Euan

  1. Rachel Robertson says:

    This is such a lovely article. We read to our son every day at home and realise that, at age 2, he already has favourite books. I hope that he, like you, will have powerful memories of this when he’s older.

  2. Linda Strachan says:

    A great post Euan!
    I think we can all remember books we had read to us when we were very young and it is wonderful to go back and rediscover the joy they brought us.

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