So I say thank you for the book tips by Mrs Young

So I say thank you for the book tips

I’d like to use my first post on ‘books on the brain’ to say an open thank you to all of the people who’ve told me about the books they love.  There are times when I feel so overwhelmed by the number of books in the world left to read that I just don’t know what to pick up next.  There are times when my brain’s so busy thinking about reading for work that I find it hard to think about what the read for fun.  Over the past couple of months I’ve read some amazing books and they’ve all be recommended to me: some of them by friends, others by pupils and staff here at Liberton and a few by people I’ve just met in passing but still have had the time to talk books with.  They’re all books I probably wouldn’t have found by myself or, worse still, I may have picked up and put down again not realising quite how great the books could be. 


Thanks to the reading recommendations of others I’ve read the inspirational story of Jamie Andrew, who learned how to mountain climb again after having all of his limbs amputated and also found ways to keep himself positive in really tough times.  I’ve been reminded of strong people I’d forgotten about and learned about other people who did amazing things with their lives in Ranulph Fiennes’s book of his heroes.  I’ve learned all about how important hard work is to success thanks to ‘Bounce’ and one table tennis player’s investigation into what makes people great at what they do.   I’ve cried on the bus home because of the ‘Fault in our Stars’ (I have Mrs Babbs to thank for this one).   Just now I’m building up the guts to start the Mr Mumbles series – I’ve heard so many good things about it I just don’t like being scared…maybe it can be a Halloween treat.


I’ve been continually challenged, surprised and made to think by what I’ve read.  All thanks to the tip offs of other readers.  So, if you’re reading this please recommend me more great things to read and remember to keep talking to your friends, family, school mates and everyone else you meet about your books on your brain.

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